College and young adult

(C-YA) camp

May 19-23, 2024

This five-day, four-night camp is designed especially for young men and women. If you're a college student, just starting a career or somewhere in between, this Black Hills getaway is for you! 

You may be feeling a mix of excitement and anxiety about changes ahead, but it's critical you focus on staying connected to Jesus through the pressures and distractions of transition. Throughout the week, you'll be encouraged and equipped to spend time in God's Word, share with others what God is teaching you, regularly attend a church and invest in the spiritual growth of others. 

College and Young Adult (C-YA) Camp opens with a meal on Sunday night and wraps up with breakfast on Thursday. This camp is open to men and women who are at least one year out of high school and no older than 30.

Your time here will serve to remind you that as you navigate this new stage of life, God has not left you to fend for yourself. He is walking with you. You have a hope and a future in Him. We hope to C-YA this year!

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FC1: Sunday, June 30-

Friday, July 5, 2024

FC2: Sunday, july 28-

friday, August 2, 2024

An opportunity families to get away for a few days and connect through fellowship with other families, regular Bible study, inside and outside activities and a unique theme. 

Weekday morning programming is provided for infants, children and teens so that parents and grandparents may also be discipled through daily Bible teaching, engaging conversation about real-life issues and application that helps build community and challenges participants to engage the culture biblically.

While Family Camp is programmed to give families a structured break from routine, one afternoon and evening is left open for families to spend however they wish. No supper will be served in the dining hall that day, but a sack supper will be provided upon request. Family campers traditionally use this time to explore the Black Hills.

The second to last night of the camp week features an evening meal that complements the week's unique theme. It's a time for families to celebrate what they're learning and how they're growing.


The final evening of Family Camp features dinner in the park. Families get to enjoy a barbecued meal outside, where they can reminisce and reflect on their week before packing up and heading home in the morning.

Please note that both Family Camps finish on Friday morning. 

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