You were made for this.


Camp Judson covers 160 acres of mountain terrain in the beautiful Black Hills. Here, you can unplug from technology and try something new. Test your limits in a healthy environment. Explore a new trail, paddle a kayak or canoe, catch some air on a waterslide or camp out under the stars.


Campers live in close community, and they learn the value of doing life together and supporting one another. Friendships forged at camp can last a lifetime, and many campers point back to a positive role model they met at camp who influenced the course of their lives.


At Camp Judson, you have the chance to get away from your regular routines and catch a vision for the bigger picture of your life. A week at camp gives you the mental room to unpack some of life's most important issues: to think about where you've been, where you're going and discover the truth that God has an amazing plan for your life.