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Summer camp is a unique, shared experience. Camp offers young people an environment other than church, school or sports in which to learn skills that will help them make and keep friends. Friends are a vital force for shaping a child’s character, and camp fosters the camaraderie and cooperation that fuels friendships.

Christ-centered Connection: 

Camp is often the only place where students can truly unplug from electronic devices. Phones and other digital distractions aren’t allowed at youth camps. Eye contact, smiles and high-fives are a life-giving break for kids accustomed to chatting online and using emojis to express themselves. We want campers to disconnect from their devices so they can learn how to stay connected to Jesus in every area of their life.


Camp Judson covers 160 acres of mountain terrain in the beautiful Black Hills. Camp gets people outside and interacting with the world around them. Singing around the campfire, hikes, swimming, boating and sleeping under the stars bring youth and adults closer to God and His handiwork. They discover the glory of His creation. The near presence of forest, field, wildlife and water stirs their hearts. The heavens do declare the glory of God!

Change of Pace: 

Camp days blend high-energy, exciting activities with downtime to explore nature, engage in meaningful conversations about what it means to follow Jesus and relax without the pressures of technology. In a setting separate from daily routines and expectations, campers are able to truly be themselves and grow into the person God has called them to be. In this caring, Christian community, youth and adults hear what God’s Word says about them and have the time and space to respond to the good news of Jesus Christ.